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The history of EmDev Limited began in 2005. Initially, the range of services was focused to software development (VisualBasic, C ++, Java / JEE) for foreign customers from Germany and United States.

In 2009, company has switched to the development of IT solutions based on Liferay platform.

We weren't the first who started Liferay development in Russian Federation, but were the first who saw in Liferay a product that can be promoted and sold in Russia. So, in 2011 EmDev Limited became the first official partner of Liferay in Russia. This was also due to active participation of our team in the Liferay community, as well as by a number of implemented projects for the financial sector and telecommunications companies.

For now, all lead developers of the company who involved in Liferay projects have passed certification and specialized training at Liferay BootCamp in various European cities. This is confirmed by the regular participation in conferences and multiple awards from Liferay.

We can guarantee that our competence in Liferay is unique, not only in Russia.

CEO, "EmDev Limited", Alexey Kakunin

Alexey Kakunin

EmDev Limited was founded in St. Petersburg (where now located head office of the company). By 2014 it became clear that due to high demand for services provided by the company, it is necessary to open an additional branch. So we opened development center in Novosibirsk in May 2014. Company's management is trying to attract the best staff in the country regardless of location, so our employees can be found in many cities.

The company grew, and also the complexity of our projects became higher. Eventually, we began to take on not only portal development, but also integration in complex projects. Taking into account the requests of our customers, in 2015 we decided to develop the integration direction based on the products of JBoss and WSO2

In 2016, EmDev Limited got the status of partner of RedHat/JBoss, in 2017 - WSO2 partner

EmDev Limited is growing and developing. We always try to simplify customers lives by providing solutions in "one window", so we are continuously working on expanding the range of our services. Realizing the importance of cloud technologies in the short term, we are developing the direction of "cloud integration". EmDev Limited is a Google partner and offers its customers complete solutions within the Google Cloud platform.

The basis for the success of our company - our developers. EmDev Limited team has experience in solving problems of any complexity. This guarantees a high quality of services.

Our goal is to provide the best service at a reasonable price, using the products most suitable for a project.

Leadership team

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Генеральный директор ООО "ЕМДЕВ",
Алексей Какунин

Алексей Какунин
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Технический директор ООО "ЕМДЕВ",
Татьяна Попова

Татьяна Попова
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Руководитель направления по разработке интеграционных решений,
Андрей Филиппов

Андрей Филиппов
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Руководитель направления по разработке решений на базе Liferay,
Алексей Пахомов

Алексей Пахомов


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Mira street 3А, office 330
Phone (free in Russia): 8-800-5555-77-1
Phone: +7-812-385-57-78
E-mail: sales@emdev.ru


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