System Integration

The changing world is setting new requirements but your information infrastructure fails to keep up with them? Why bother creating new systems from scratch, just adapt the legacy systems to new business tasks.

Having the cutting-edge SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions like Enterprise Service Bus in hands we integrate your legacy enterprise information systems into new business applications. The resulting solution allows to reuse what you already have - and have it working - we couple them together and provide necessary enhancements meeting new goals.

This integration approach supersedes the new development one as it:

  • minimizes your risks. You do not abandon your legacy systems for some new and unknown ones, at any given moment your infrastructure is working for you;
  • minimizes implementation costs. Your legacy systems are already implemented, the new applications are built on top of them.;
  • minimizes migration costs. There is no need for migration at all, no painful moving of your all records, you stick to the solution that has proven to work;
  • minimizes learning costs. Your employees keep using the systems they probably know for years, only the new features require learning.