Each business comes with its own unique, individual requirements. Naturally, individual requirements imply individual implementation costs.

We largely use Open Source solutions which gives our customers the possibility to minimize license costs for EIS implementation: all you pay for is the customization of the ready-made products for your individual needs! You are free to download and install these solutions by your means, not a single penny spent on license fees.

When building solutions for you we stick to the maximal re-use of the legacy infrastructure at your company. Our solutions adapt at most to your infrastructure, not the opposite! This means no extra costs induced by acquiring accompanying software.

We picked the best of the Open Source world for you. The solutions we use combine the advantages of Open Source solutions with the strength and feature-richness of mature enterprise products. All the solutions used by Emdev are available in Enterprise Editions, this is an option when more support and more reliability are required. The licensing mode is your free choice, based on your requirements and your budget.

The cost of the implementation depends largely on the amount of customizations required to adapt the involved solutions to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for the initial estimates to the costs of your project. It is nice, however, to have a vision of costs magnitude, so let us consider one case:

The cost of a regular implementation project for Liferay-based corporate portal amounts at USD 3 000 and it covers:

  • Liferay portal deployment within the legacy infrastructure at customer's network;
  • Visual design customization for the portal to be consistent with corporate style;
  • Creation of the portal base structure;
  • Training on basic operations of portal management and maintenance, provided to portal administrators and principal end users at customer company.

Disclaimer: the above information does not constitute a public offer, for each individual case or project the cost is determined after the requirement specification is negotiated, and is communicated to customer as a distinct commercial offer. Please contact us for the cost estimate of your individual project.