Online Shop

You have items to sell, all you need now is customers, right? How about taking into consideration the largest audience ever, the Internet one? Get an online shop and forget of shop space rentals, salaries to sales assistants. When you make your items available in the Internet, you make them accessible by millions of people!

An online shop is the way to launch sales with minimal upfront investment. Post your selling item, buy some ads and get ready to receive orders.

EmDev Online Shop Enables You:

  • to make your selling items available at your portal;
  • to publish all necessary information pertaining to your items: richly formatted descriptions, images;
  • to organize a full-pledged catalog of items with categories and tags;
  • to set up items selection and checkout;
  • to display your items as a shop window;
  • to make your items available to mobile device users;
  • to perform search optimizations for your items.

With this online shop you are able to start sales in 4 hours after the installation has been completed!