Document Management

What does electronic document management mean to you? It means a convenient and simple tool to work with documents. It brings those weighty piles of folders away and provides you with a compact electronic repository and a friendly interface for creating, managing and sharing your corporate documents.

The Enterprise Content Management system is a part of your corporate portal that supports a complete workflow of document processing, starting from creation and approval up to registration and publication. You can monitor and manage the working process by approving of or rejecting documents and reports.

Protecting confidential information being a major business requirement, we secure your sensitive data from unauthorized access with a fine grained role and access control system of the portal.

Any document you need is within an easy reach: use your portal private space or even make it accessible directly from your desktop.

Features Available

  • storage of documents along with document comments;
  • support for a number of document formats;
  • document versionning;
  • full-text search and search by attributes;
  • read-only mode;
  • logical collections;
  • support for compound documents;
  • Access Control system;
  • format converters;
  • document publication and delivery

What Does Electronic Document Management Buy You

  • a single unified repository of documents;
  • user-based access control;
  • using you corporate standards and templates;
  • remote access to your documents