Corporate portal

A corporate portal is a full-ledged representative office belonging to your company and using the Internet to develop your business, find new customers for you and communicate with existing customers, increase your sales and broadcast your news.

Corporate (intranet) portal is a solution building an integrated information environment that unites all individual employees and departments of your company as well as your legacy EIS. Your intranet portal simplifies greatly the intra-corporate communications which has a direct effect of boosting the business, accelerating your business processes and minimizing costs.

Managing documents, business processes and customer relationships, resource planning, reporting and a range of other systems inherent to any business or our days, can be integrated into one solution. Thus multiple tasks for your employees are simplified which means a more effective personnel, and the managers are given a system to duly control the active processes in the company which means a more effective management.

We use Liferay to build corporate portals, the unique solution, a leading solution in the domain of portal decisions as named by Gartner. Liferay combines an extreme user friendliness with richness in functionality, low cost of ownership and of implementation with the ease of fine grained tuning and customization. This combination results in a quicker return of investments into building the corporate portal as compared to concurrent solutions.

EmDev ltd has an official status of Liferay inc. partner and is a carrier of an outstanding experience in building corporate portals based on Liferay solution. Our expertize in implementing Liferay-based solutions, the unique base features of Liferay and its tremendous ability for customization are the key factors for our ability to deliver high quality custom solutions within short terms.